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    Wedding сakes
    Wedding. Flowers, gifts, beauty-bride in a white dress and, of course, the wedding cake – wedding table decoration and a symbol of abundance in family life begins. Indeed, it is now hard to imagine a wedding without a cake. But how should this cake? Tiered or small? From finery or without? Modest or luxurious? This is only for you to decide.
    The cake can be anything. Of course, you can try to make it yourself or buy a ready-made cake. But all your wishes and little quirks can be implemented only in wedding cakes to order. What did you want to decorate your wedding cake? Would it be the traditional bride and groom figurines or maybe pigeons as a symbol of family happiness, angels or something just yours, purely personal, embodying happiness for both of you.
    Custom wedding cakes decorated with flowers, fresh fruit, sugar ribbons and even individual scenes from the life of the bride and groom. You can make it as a classic round tiered cake, asymmetrical tiers square, heart, mountains of gifts or even a hanging garden. It all depends on your desire and imagination.
    Prices for wedding cakes vary depending on the weight, composition and complexity of execution and design. You can find both economical and luxurious options. But in any case, the performance of the cake, we consider all your wishes.
    To triumph was perfect for a long time and remember the guests and the newlyweds themselves, order a wedding cake in Kiev with us!

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