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    A price on every cake is individual all depends on the level of complication of design of cake, and urgency of order.

    Price from 270to 300 UAH./kg.

    Procedure of payment:

    The manager accepted your order from you and confirmed it. You make an advance payment of 50% of the order value in cash or to our bank account by transfer: Privat-Bank 4731212700346678 Stetsenko Antonina Stanislavovna. When you receive the product, you pay the remainder of the order amount. If you are changing the date of the holiday and you want to return the prepayment. The prepayment will be refunded in full if you are notified by phone: 067 416-88-82 no later than 28 hours. When ordering a cake with a stand, an additional deposit for the stand is taken 1500 UAH., A confectionery tray 100 UAH. The pledge is returned to the client in full, subject to return within 10 days.

    Recommendations for calculating the cake:
    The minimum weight per person is 100 g;
    Optimum weight per person 150g;
    The maximum weight per person is 220 g;
    For example a cake for 20 people x 150 g = You need a cake for 3 kg.

    For decorate cakes we use marzipan mass or sugar mastic, fresh fruit, chocolate, wedding and children's figurines under individual order, beads, fresh flowers – any your desire.

    For make choice assortment of cakes for order, click here.

    Cake Delivery

    Orders are taken daily